What Women Really Want In A Man
Kat Hollander | Nov 12, 2014
Title: Editor
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As Women we are conditioned to believe in fairytales and what a partner or lover should mean to us. What we ultimately want is a great man that can treat us with respect, love, honesty, a man who desires us and thinks we are the most important beings in the world; an ideal partner that refuses to give themselves to their lovers entirely. There is nothing in the world people want more than that which is denied.

We want that tension that we have when we initially meet our potential mates the type of tension that is not only healthy, but necessary to what allows for that intense emotion we call love. The ideal man is a man who will dive into his work yet make time for his woman when she needs him. We just want our love to be reciprocated. We all would live much happier lives if we stopped pretending that we weren't selfish beings. We want a man that we can create excitement not only for them but with them. In general, someone we can get out of our comfort zones with and feel alive.

A partner to share this short journey with and take this Love to its fullest potential.

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