Say Goodbye to Under Eye Bags and Hello to Neotensil
Kat Hollander | Sep 29, 2014
Title: Editor
Topic category: Skin Care

Genetics and aging play a large part with stubborn under-eye bags. Fret no more Neotensil by Living Proof is a treatment that uses a polymer film to smooth bulging bags for up to 16 hours. Here’s how it works: Put on all your makeup, then use a wipe from the kit to clean the under-eye area. Now apply the base gel followed by the activating gel and wait for them to fuse together and form an invisible polymer film (about five minutes). Within 1-3 hours, you will start seeing the flattening effect. You then remove the film using the liquid included in the kit and let the smoothing effects begin. Neotensil by Living Proof

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