No Longer Science Myth: A Treatment for Gray Hair Actually in the Works
Lexi Novak | May 16, 2013
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What does hydrogen peroxide have to do with grey hair?

Scientists have finally gotten to the root of gray hair (yes, we went there), so for those unwilling to embrace their inner Helen Mirren, a solution to silver strands—one that doesn’t require a trip to the salon every six weeks—could be on the way. It all starts with hydrogen peroxide.

We’ve known for a long time that an accumulation of this molecule in hair follicles leads to graying by bleaching strands from within. Think about it: Peroxide has been the “bottle” in "bottle blonde" for decades, and it's now the reason you can whiten your teeth several shades without leaving your couch. But peroxide is also what causes hair to turn gray with age—it builds up naturally in hair follicles as the byproduct of everyday chemical reactions. Fortunately, the body produces enzymes that continually break down hydrogen peroxide and preserve the hair's original color. Unfortunately, it produces less of these enzymes as we get older.

To learn how this discovery will possibly lead to the end of grey hair read it on Allure.com

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