Are You Having an Old Hair Day?
Elizabeth Holmes | Oct 4, 2015
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The aging process gives women plenty to stress about. Do the wrinkles on my neck show? Are those creases on my forehead?

Now, beauty brands want to add one more worry to the list: Does my hair look old?

Anti-aging hair-care products are sprouting up all over drugstores and salons, with recent major launches including L'Oréal OR.FR +2.24% Paris Advanced Haircare, Procter & Gamble's PG +0.85% Pantene AgeDefy and Unilever's ULVR.LN +2.45% Nexxus Youth Renewal. The product lines promise to address signs of aging hair that become noticeable around the time a woman turns 40.

Some claim to add volume to thinning hair or tame the unruly texture of grays. Typical regimens include shampoo, conditioner plus one or more daily, and often costly, treatment steps, such as Pantene's AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment ($18.99) or Aveda's Invati Scalp Revitalizer ($60).

Hair does, in fact, change as a person ages. Not only does it turn gray, it becomes more brittle and fragile. It also gets thinner, the result of both a decrease in the number of active hair follicles and a narrowing of the diameter of each individual hair, says Jeni Thomas, a senior scientist at P&G.

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