Another fad or a must have
Kat Hollander | Nov 19, 2014
Title: Editor
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Technology meets fashion with the latest gadget, a gold and enamel bracelet to appeal to women. Let me introduce you to MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory). This bracelet is the brainchild of Intel and MICA, a fashionable bangle that allows you to access Facebook,Google, a Garmin GPS and Yelp reviews on its sleek sapphire screen. The bracelet also features a SIM card and a battery that last 48 hours. Although I love the look of this very chic bracelet and it seems that it would work for our very on the go schedules. My question would be: Do we really need yet another way to be less engaged with our fellow humans? You decide...

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Smart Bracelet

Designed in partnership with fashion company Opening Ceremony, Intel reveals its first luxury smart bracelet for women. This high-tech jewelry comes with its own phone number to display text alerts and other notifications.

Intel brings high tech to high fashion with MICA smart bracelet
Where Jewelry Meets Wearable Technology

The news is true: this winter, Opening Ceremony and Intel will debut MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), the first bracelet to fuse luxury jewelry with wearable tech. Featuring semi-precious stones as well as a 1.6-inch sapphire touch screen, the eye-catching yet subtle piece is a world away from bulky, athletic-inspired wearables. "With MICA, there's no compromise on technology or aesthetics,"

With MICA, there's no compromise on technology or aesthetics. It's as intelligent as it is well-designed
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